Parent Association of Japanese School

Parents Association of Japanese School of Detroit (JSD) has been taking a special role to maintain and enhance our school system. Each year, dedicated parent volunteers are actively involved in one of the five committees; Executive Council, General Affairs, Security, Cultural Communication, and Kindergarten Education. Their contributions are an integral part of children's education and operations of the school system.

JSD TODAY is the publication issued once or twice a year by Cultural Communication Committee members. The purpose of JSD TODAY is to provide the local educators better cultural and educational understanding of Japanese students. Its articles include news and events at JSD, Japanese cultures, essays by Japanese students and summary report of ETJ (Educator To Japan) program participants.

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JSD Today







ETJ Program

ETJ Program

Photos from the 2008 ETJ Summer Trip

The Focus at Our Annual Open House

International Educators to Japan Program

Novi Meadows Elementary Cultural Leadership Program

Michigan Essay Selection

Sushi Trivia

What is the Real Japanese Food?

Our New Principal - His Passion in Education and Calligraphy

2007 Educators to Japan (ETJ) Report

Understanding Japanese Students

Kindergarten Festivals - Fun with Tradition

2006 Educators to Japan (ETJ) Report

Elementary Class Schedule in Japan

Kyoto Gion Festival - 1,100 Years of History

55,000 Japanese Students in Michigan

Importance of Japanese Saturday School

"Undoukai" - the Sports Day Tradition

2005 Educators to Japan (ETJ) Report

Responses to Your Questions

Students Essay

Students' Presentation at Novi Meadows

Filmmaker hayao Miyazaki - Creator of 2003 Academy Award Winnin "Spirited Away"

English Language Learners (ELL) Program comparisons

Student Essay